• A Financial Checklist for Australian Expatriates
    This is not difficult. The Checklist below is simply a summary of the main things you need to consider or do if moving overseas from Australia on a long-term basis. Unfortunately, many
  • International fractional ownership of property
    If you would love a holiday home overseas, but don't want to tie up large amounts of capital in a property which you may only use a few weeks a year, or want more variety in terms of
  • Importing your car into Australia
    Quite frankly, returning expatriates and migrants will find luxury new car prices in Australia both astounding, and depressing. The table below, based on data collected in May 2011, and
  • Just a few years ago arranging life insurance for Australian expats was far from easy. Australian insurers weren't usually interested in providing cover and if they did it was
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Travel Advisory Map

The World Map below provides a quick overview of those countries where the Australian government currently advises that its citizens should NOT travel to (Level 4) or Reconsider their need for travel (Level 3). For more details please go to the Smartraveller website (www.smartraveller.gov.au).