About Ozexpats.com

Ozexpats is a member of the Exfin group, which has focussed on providing professional services and advice to Australian expatriates and migrants to Australia since 2005. Ozexpats is an effort to further extend our support to existing Australian expatriates, prospective migrants to Australia and temporary residents.

In this site you will find information devoted to travel, jobs, health, family, property and education just to name just a few topics. However, we are not going to totally abandon the subject of money and how it can be best managed. We are utterly convinced that a little education can often go a long way in improving the financial position of expatriates and their families.

Almost everyone involved in Ozexpats has been an expatriate, enjoyed the experience immensely and knows what is involved in adjusting to a new community and culture. We aim to combine our enthusiasm for the lifestyle of an expatriate,and the opportunities it affords, with well thought out practical advice and support. We remain completely open to advice and comment and welcome any suggestions regarding issues that should be canvassed on the website and we invite you to use our Contact page