Arranging an Australian Mortgage

We very much believe that all Australian expatriates, unless they have taken a decision to settle elsewhere permanently, should retain a residential property investment in Australia. It is simply because we have seen too many families and individuals disadvantaged in the past by significant price surges in the Australian market and/or adverse foreign currency movements.

On a standalone basis, Australian residential property has generated very competitive returns compared to most asset classes, such as shares. For the expatriate however, the investment also represents a form of insurance and psychological "peace of mind" while overseas. Generally, the best approach is to purchase property before proceeding overseas and ensuring that it can be seen as your "main residence" for tax purposes - this means that even if you rent it out, you obtain a capital gains tax exemption for a period of six years.

The table below provides a general summary of the maximum lending rates available to four Categories of Borrowers as at March 2016from May 2015, when additional restrictions on borrowings were implemented by the Australian banks.


Four Categories of Borrower
  • Non-resident Australian citizens and permanent residents ("expatriates")
  • New Zealand citizens
  • Foreign citizens living overseas
    ("overseas investors")
  • Temporary residents living in Australia
    (e.g. on 457 visas)


If you would like an experienced mortgage broker to contact you and provide details of the loans available in your situation please complete our Inquiry Form below. Remember that using a mortgage broker in Australia does not cost anything - the lender pays for the broker's costs and ours has access to almost all the loans available in the Australian market.

To provide you with some point of comparison, this is the outline of a loan which is suitable and currently available for expats:

·         Interest Rate – 4.49%

·         Ongoing Fee - $Nil

·         Loan Establishment Fee - $100

·         Interest Only Repayments available (if required)

·         Additional Repayments can be made at any time with no penalty