Expatriate Concierge Service

In concert with our sister site, Exfin, we run a Concierge Service for both expat Australians and expats of any nationality. That means that if you want something done, researched, purchased or arranged in Australia or eslewhere in the world we can usually make it happen for you. We receive an enormous variety of requests which make it impossible to tell you what fees we will charge for carrying out any request. However, as long as you give us a very complete description of how you would like us to help you we will have a response back to you within 24 hours, with a fee quotation.

Between the two websites, we have many years of experience meeting expatriates inquiries, and decades of expatriate experience within the firm and a broad international network. That doesn't mean we don't get surprised on a regular basis, or come across new requests, but we do have significant experience and, just as importantly, enjoy a challenge!

Please use the Inquiry form below to make contact, we look forward to hearing from you!