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International fractional ownership of property

If you would love a holiday home overseas, but don't want to tie up large amounts of capital in a property which you may only use a few weeks a year, or want more variety in terms of your holiday location, fractional ownership might be the answer. This is where, through investment in a fund (pool of properties), members enjoy exclusive use and ownership of an international portfolio of properties for a fraction of the cost of buying a comparable home overseas.

With this type of investment there's no need to restrict yourself to just one home abroad, and you leave it to the management company to find, furnish and maintain the homes - and some also provide a Concierge service for members. And you may also enjoy future capital growth, depending on how the arrangements are structured, although that's something you should discuss with your financial and/or tax advisors.

If this sounds interesting we can arrange to provide details of an arrangement which provides access to either 4 - 5 bedroom luxury villas or 2 - 3 bedroom city apartments in many of the world's most attractive and popular locations.

If you would like more information, such as the type of accommodation available and how the fund operates, please complete our Inquiry Form indicating your interest in the fractional ownership of either Villas, Apartments or both - and we will be pleased to arrange for more information to be forwarded to you.