"Most Liveable" Cities - 2016

Melbourne has again edged out Vancouver for the title of "world's most liveable city" in the Economist Intelligence Unit's annual 140-city Global Liveability Survey for 2016. The survey scores cities on the basis of stability, health care, culture and environment, education and infrastructure.

Australian and Canadian cities dominated the list, with three cities each. The cities are listed below with the Top 10 least liveable cities also listed for contrast.

TOP 10 MOST LIVEABLE CITIES, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit:

1: Melbourne, Australia
2: Vienna, Austria
3: Vancouver, Canada
4: Toronto, Canada
5: Calgary, Canada
6: Adelaide, Australia
7: Perth, Australia
8: Auckland, New Zealand
9: Helsinki, Finland
10: Hamburg, Germany

 LEAST LIVEABLE CITIES according to the Economist Intelligence Unit:

131: Kiev, Ukraine

132. Douala, Cameroon

133. Harare, Zimbabwe
=134. Karachi, Pakistan

=134. Algiers, Algeria

136. Port Moresby, PNG
137. Dhaka, Bangladesh
138. Lagos, Nigeria
139. Tripoli, Libya

140. Damascus, Syria